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5 Reasons Why Branded Hi-Vis Garments are Important to Your Business

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Tiger Supplies hi vis waistcoats

They say you only get one chance to make a good impression, which is why branded workwear and branded hi-vis garments are so important to businesses.

No matter the size of your business, a branded uniform can have plenty of powerful impacts on your organisation.

It’s not just placing a logo on a high-vis vest – it can be so much more than that.

Showcasing pride in branded workwear

Showing pride in the work that you do can have a lasting effect on that first business meeting.

So if you are thinking of investing in branded workwear, coming to Tiger Supplies could be the start of that journey.

But what are the top reasons for having a branded uniform?

  • Brand Awareness

Every employee that wears branded workwear showcasing your company logo, quickly becomes a brand ambassador. It will quickly become apparent how fast you are generating awareness and interest in your oragnisation.

  • Efficiency

When your team members have clothing that is branded, it gives them a sense of togetherness. Your team will feel more valued when wearing branded workwear, rather than a standard item.

Make your employees feel part of the team and increase efficiency across all departments.

  • Safety for everyone

Certain industries require PPE equipment and hi-vis clothing to be easily recognisable. Personalised clothing can easily make any non-employee visible and recognised instantly - especially important from a health and safety perspective.

  • Install trust and confidence among customers

Staff members who are visible in branded uniforms are likely to attract more customers to approach them, according to a study by 4imprint.

The study showcased 61% of people believed that company uniforms are a more effective tool when connecting with consumers and influencing behaviour.

A good sales team in your workforce would hopefully lead to an increase in sales to bolster your profits.

  • Dip into merchandising

And finally (and a little left-field) have you ever thought that your staff uniform could be sold as merchandise?

For some businesses, your staff uniform could generate a life of its own, beyond the office you work in.

Being creative has led to some businesses selling off their branded workwear as T-Shirts - especially within the hospitality sector.

It might be something to think about.

So how can Tiger Supplies help?

Tiger Supplies can add your company logo and bespoke message to fit across several PPE clothing or workwear.

We offer a complete heat-sealing service enabling the personalisation of your garments by applying logos and lettering to your exact requirements.

Text and logos can be reflective, flame retardant, and supplied in various levels of durability subject to your requirement and usage.

We also offer an embroidery service. Embroidery can be applied to a wide range of locations on work wear, leisurewear, head protection, and many other items of professional clothing.

To give a long-lasting, high-quality logo the use of durable stitching via a computer-controlled process ensures that precision, quality logos are applied repeatedly.

For more specialist clothing, Flame Retardant stitching is available along with a wide selection of thread colours to create any logo you need.

Need branded hi-vis waistcoats quickly?

Tiger Supplies offer an ‘Express Service’ on branded hi-vis waistcoats. Place an order which, if confirmed and approved before 3:30pm will be printed within 24 hours. Your order would then be available for collection or dispatched by 3:30pm the next working day.

There is NO minimum order quantity and NO long-term commitment to this service, meaning we can cater to your needs - no matter the size of your request. ENQUIRE TODAY

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